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15 + Corona Radiata Stroke Radiology HD Resolutions. Inferiorly these tracts converge as the internal capsule. Other articles where Corona radiata is discussed: fertilization: Egg coats: …by an outer envelope, the corona radiata, which is many cell layers thick and formed by follicle cells adhering to the oocyte before it leaves the ovarian follicle.

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Lacunar Stroke and Microangiopathy Brian D. Dissection showing the course of the cerebrospinal fibers. La corona radiata o corona radiante es una estructura del cerebro formada por fibras nerviosas (sustancia blanca) que conforman la cápsula interna, una región que conecta la corteza cerebral con áreas inferiores del cerebro y la médula espinal.

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Song, "Somatotopic organization of motor fibers in the corona radiata in monoparetic patients with small subcortical infarct," Stroke, vol.

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15 + Corona Radiata Stroke Radiology Background ImagesSchaefer Ischemic cerebrovascular disease affecting the small vessels, microangiopathy, includes lacunar infarctions and white matter ischemic changes (leukoaraiosis) (Table Fastest Radiology Insight Engine. Its main purpose in many animals is to supply vital proteins to the cell. A CT head identified established left corona radiata lacunar infarct.